A new model of concession for tourism in Poços de Caldas-MG

In early March 2023, the concession contract for the tourist attractions circuit in Poços de Caldas-MG came into effect, whose management and operation was assumed by the company Citur (Integrated Tourism Circuit of Poços de Caldas), which will be responsible for carrying out improvement and qualification works for tourism in the city.

Natureza Urbana, in partnership with the company RadarPPP, conducted studies for the structuring of partnerships in the management and operation of the tourist facilities that are part of the circuit. In response to an Expression of Interest Procedure (PMI) launched by the Municipal Government, analyses and proposals were developed at different scales to create an Integrated Urban Tourism Circuit, in order to qualify and explore its potential as a tourist destination, strengthening the image of the city based on its landscape, historical and social attributes, with the objective of extending the stay of visitors in the municipality as well as in each of the available attractions.

Our work served as the basis for the elaboration of the concession contract, signed in December 2022 and lasting for 35 years, which determines the Integrated Tourist Circuit to be operated, composed of the Cristo Redentor Complex (including the cable car and the free flight ramp), the Fonte dos Amores, the Recanto Japonês and the Véu das Noivas Complex. The ownership of the tourist attractions will remain with the municipality, which will be remunerated monthly via a fixed grant, in addition to revenue collection from the ISS tax on the services offered. Furthermore, job and income generation from operations will return benefits to citizens and visitors.

This is an innovative concession model, through the creation of a circuit that integrates various assets, and that combines private interests with the maintenance and preservation of public goods and natural attractions, in order to position Poços de Caldas in the national tourism scene, serving as a good example to be replicated in other municipalities and states.

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