Capivari Park Stage opening and major event for Campos do Jordão

Campos do Jordão’s first Summer Festival took place in the renovated Capivari Park during january and february of 2022. The city is one of the main tourists destination in the countryside of São Paulo, for those who chase the beatiful mountain landscape of these lands.

The event took place alongside with the opening of Capivari Park Stage and included 26 free admission concerts besides many educational activities. Capivari Park has become an important object of transformation in the neighborhood, under the management of Eco Jordão in partnership with the São Paulo State Government.

Natureza Urbana has developed studies for total urban regeneration of the Park, alongside with architecture and engineering projects of new buildings such as the stage, the lake bar, the cable car facilities and the commercial building. The last two are to be finished still in 2022.

Design and opportunities like this motivate our belief that landscape architecture can flourish potentials and propose new forms of interactions between humans and urban space, improving the experience of visitors and also the ones that enjoy that place on a day to day basis.

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