Parque Nacional Aparados da Serra e Parque Nacional da Serra Geral

How partnerships with the private sector can improve public spaces

Author of 14 park projects based on partnerships between the government and the private sector, Natureza Urbana has experience in proposing ways to improve and enhance existing buildings and sites as well as implement new ones, always seeking to improve the experience of visiting from the possibilities of contact with nature. Our work also includes the development of alternatives to improve the management and conservation of biodiversity, considering aspects of mobility and urban design in each location.

We believe that the public-private partnership (PPP) model can boost the revitalization of spaces, innovating the way they are managed, proposing economically viable models and focusing on strengthening the vocation of coexistence and relationship with parks and their nature. Each project has its particularity and  proposals are structured in defined axes. Their characteristics help to establish principles and indicators that permeate each  project. Anchor projects are developed with structures or improvements to the already existing infrastructure. In order to make the necessary restructuring and adaptation economically viable.

Image: photomontage of the project for Serra Geral National Park

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