International publication “Playful Cities Design Guide” featuring the Terminal and Urban Park in São Luís

The publication organized by CatalyticAction in partnership with Arup, The LEGO Foundation, and PlacemakingX gathers inspiring practices and ideas on how to design and construct playful spaces in contemporary cities, making them accessible, inclusive for different ages and groups, and multifunctional.

By emphasizing play as a range of unpredictable, spontaneous, curious, and creative activities, the guide aims to prompt us to consider different urban, socioeconomic, and cultural contexts in the ways we approach play.

The Terminal and Urban Park project, developed by Natureza Urbana as part of the Historic Center Revitalization Program of the Municipal Government of São Luís do Maranhão and funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), was one of the selected works to be featured in the guide, specifically in the category of Train and Bus Stations.

We are grateful for the recognition and highly value the practice and critical thinking concerning constructive and playful spaces in contemporary cities.

The full guide is available for download here.

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