The Role of Female Architects in Contemporary Architecture in the Brazilian Context

The architect and urban planner Camila Reis, partner and coordinator of our project team, recently defended her master’s thesis in the postgraduate program of the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP), in the field of Architectural Design, with the theme “The Role of Female Architects in Contemporary Architecture in the Brazilian Context.”

Abstract: “This research aims to identify the professional participation of women architects and urban planners in Brazilian contemporary architecture from a gender perspective. It seeks to understand the importance of women in the production of contemporary architectural design and the forms of i integration of these professionals in graduate and postgraduate courses in architecture and urbanism, in the labor market and in the institutions that regulate the profession in Brazil. It starts with the argument that, ideally, the architecture should include in its activities the broad aspect of contemporary society: the experience of collective and individual lives of men, women, people of all ages and all minority groups. Not being that way and with a clear historical imbalance of women in the professional field, there is an urgent need to discuss the contributions of architects for the history and the contemporary architecture and understand how the sexual division of labor operate in the profession.

Check out the thesis material in this link.

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