Natureza Urbana featured in two publications on Strategic Planning on the Spanish platform Planur-e

We recently gained recognition on the Spanish digital platform Planur-e with two articles discussing the importance of strategic planning in achieving territorial integration, local biodiversity conservation, and spatial transformation through landscape architecture, even in such different scenarios.

The first article, published in edition #25 of Planur-e and authored by Manoela Machado and Breno Pilot, “Tourism Masterplan for the Islands of Fogo and Brava, Cabo Verde, Africa: Actions for Sustainable Tourism”, outlines the work carried out in 2019 with a focus on defining strategies and action plans for territorial articulation and the promotion and sustainable development of experiential tourism.

In the recently released edition #28, Planur-e presents the article written by Manoela Machado, Camila Reis, and Breno Pilot, “Terminal and Urban Park in São Luís: Strategies for the Renovation and Re-signification of Public Spaces”, which brings together the design and construction processes of an important landmark of the Revitalization Program for the Historic Center of São Luís do Maranhão, financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Completed in 2021, the project was responsible for the revitalization and transformation of a degraded public space through the pursuit of a more people-friendly urban design, prioritizing active and collective transportation, and enhancing the cultural, recreational, and sports vocation of the area.

Planur-e is a renowned Spanish digital magazine, focused on territory, urbanism, sustainability, landscape, and urban design, which was created with the mission of promoting best practices and giving voice to professionals, allowing the authors themselves to present their work. With nearly a decade of existence, Planur-e has already published over 150 articles by authors from various countries, enriching its mission and history.

We are proud to have our work published on such relevant platforms, demonstrating the importance of studies and projects carried out in different realities, yet based on consistent processes and principles with a focus on social responsibility and collective well-being in harmony with the conservation and regeneration of natural environments.

Check out the complete publications here and the detailed projects on our website.

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