Altar Refuges


A model for lodging connected to nature

The Project of the Altar network of refuges seeks to respond to current tourist trends and the uncertainties generated from extended social isolation provoked by the covid-19 pandemic. People are searching for closeness to nature, deceleration of daily life and moments to enjoy between friends and family.

The intent of the project is to build a network of refuges and experiences placed in areas of beauty and nature with the objective of bringing an immersive experience with close contact to the environment.

Based on this concept, Natureza Urbana developed three lodging solutions for the coming expansion of Altar, the Farol house, the Nest and the 3X9.

legend: 1) Farol; 2) 3 X 6 house; 3) 3 X 9 house.

With the key factor in our work being sustainability, building in harmony with the environment was prioritized, always looking to achieve balance between functionality and preservation. The houses were designed in a modular format to minimize construction residues. They are autonomous structures with an energy system that captures, stores and distributes the necessary energy for functioning. The treatment of solid residues and waste water is done with aerobic biodigesters, returning clean water to nature.

The Farol house is one of the first typologies developed for Altar. With two floors, Farol is integrated into the terrain and provides the experience of sleeping with a view to the treetops.

A relationship was sought in the ground terraces and balcony in order to maximize the integration between the outdoor environment and natural landscape, which permits the opening of the house on all levels expanding the living and contemplation areas outwards and provides natural ventilation.

legend: 1) ground floor; 2) upper level; 3) sections
legend: 1) ground floor; 2) upper level; 3) sections

The next in the series is Nest, a tiny house with the ideal space for a refuge in the middle of nature.

Nestled into the tree canopy, this typology provides a levitation experience and allows for contemplation from a much more distant perspective than usual. The design also invites guests to more inaccessible locations for an immersion in remote landscapes.

3X9 house is an extended version of Nest, being spacious and containing a more complete infrastructure. Each room has functionality and brings a different experience to the others.

legend: typology with variation of color on the interior.
legend: 1) ground floor; 2) upper level; 3) sections

A striking characteristic of the house is its location. Being situated on a lake, 3X9 house brings different experiences to the guests, who can admire the views, bathe in the lake or partake in aquatic activities.

Beyond the panoramic view from the bedroom, the house has a starlit ceiling: an elevated bed with a skylight allowing guests to relax by watching the stars before sleeping.

The form was designed to create generous interior spaces and integrate harmoniously with the landscape. As an extension, it disposes of exterior bathroom, with a shower, hot tub with privacy provided by the wood shelter.