BSB Apartment


Housing and connections

The renovation is designed so that the couple and their two children can enjoy the apartment’s spaces with privacy and functionality. Minimal changes were made on the ground floor, such as improvements in the flow of residents between the private and social areas.

The ground floor consisted of many doors and openings, making it difficult to occupy the space, in addition to creating visual discomfort. This challenge was part of the project: a large wooden slatted panel “camouflages” the openings, serving as a transition element between the private and the social space, in addition to providing warmth and personality to the room.

The room has a white painted steel shelf, designed to accommodate books, personal objects and works of art.

Caption: (1) Playroom; (2) Rest room; (3) Bathroom; (4) Closet; (5) Master bedroom; (6) Children’s room; (7) Service area; (8) Storage room; (9) Toilet; (10) Kitchen; (11) Living room.