Casa Forte Village


Living in the city with nature

The growth of cities and urban development involve a complex approach, which is not always accompanied by actions on a human scale and that are effective in terms of the population´s quality life. Many urban centers are losing direct contact with nature, whose space in the city is becoming increasingly reduced. That limitation has consequences, such as the reduction of resilience to climatic events – floods and heat islands – in addition to reducing human experience and contact with the natural environment, scientifically proven to be a source of health and well-being.

We propose an enterprise that connects people to the urban and natural space, at the same time, maintaining the user’s scale, favoring the creation of ties and bonds of people with the environment in which they live.

Vila Casa Forte is located in Recife, close to Casa Forte Square, and was the first public garden in the city. Designed in 1934 by the landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx. It is close to everything, and it is possible to go cycling or even on foot, reducing car use.

Vila Casa Forte
Vila Casa Forte
Vila Casa Forte
1 to 5: numbering of housing units

The land is equipped with two accesses and connects two streets. Our proposal was to maintain this circulation, allowing the space to function in a fluid way when relating organically to its surroundings. The implementation of the five houses helped to the creation of collective green spaces, interspersed with private environments.

We propose nature as an essential part of the enterprise: several solutions are used to guarantee a biodiversity and  environmentally responsible environment. The implementation of solar panels, green cover, rainwater capture systems and gray water reuse combined with strategies that prioritize cross ventilation, natural lighting and sun protection elements are all part of the project’s sustainable focus.

caption: 1) private garden; 2) ground floor