House in Campo


Living outside of urban centers

In the context of the escape of urban centers and new living perspectives propagated by the Covid-19 pandemic Natureza Urbana has developed a series of residential projects responding to new preferences. The spaces are integrated with nature and allow for a different rhythm of living than that of large cities.

The premise of the project is to integrate the internal environment with the exterior of the house, through the creation of a central green patio, where the swimming pool is located. Common spaces are located on the ground floor, distributed along the central patio forming a C.

The private spaces are located on the upper level, with a view over the landscape and access to the rooftop garden.

The standard implementation of houses in the allotment consisted of monolithic two floored volumes, we avoided repeated this in order to achieve a greater integration in the local context. The volume of the house was divided into two levels to mold to the topography, creating a central patio to promote the integration of the built area with nature. The front volume forms the ground floor, and provides a human scale at the street front. The upper level placed at the back of the site, to provide greater privacy in the rooms. The resultant volume references the tradition gabled houses, with a contemporary reinterpretation.

The project contrasts the use of primary materials, such as concrete, with natural materials, such as stone, adobe and wood, to create a cozy atmosphere for the home. On the ground floor. The spaces open to the garden through large panes of glass, favoring contact with native vegetation. On the upper level floor the ratio of empty and occupied spaces is inverted to bring more privacy to the residents.