How to develop a private reserve

The Amantiflore Institute was created for the protection and conservation of the Atlantic Forest, whose environmental protection projects take place at São José Farm, in the Tapiraí region, in São Paulo. Among the objectives of the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) are the development of socio-environmental, educational, and recreational activities in contact with nature. In addition to promoting its ecological, tourist potential and environmental services through ecotourism.

The work involved the development of technical studies to assess the tourist and ecological potential of the area, also aiming at the elaboration of a business plan providing the bases for the elaboration of the project’s investment thesis, containing technical, economic-financial, and legal aspects related to the project. Its viability; besides repairing the communication strategy and material for conducting a roadshow with possible interested investors and raising funds and developing instruments for this purpose.

 São José Farm is in Vale do Ribeira, one of the largest and most important preservation regions in the country, concentrating 40% of the conservation units in the State of São Paulo. Its location is favorable in relation to tourist demand, with a lot of potential to be explored with ecotourism activities.

Master Plan Turístico Reserva Amantiflore
Master Plan Turístico Reserva Amantiflore
Master Plan Turístico Reserva Amantiflore

Next to the study area there are several natural attractions, which are the main tourist attraction poles in the region, most of which are related to aquatic activities. State Parks are the main centers of attractiveness for ecotourism activities.

The analysis of the tourist potential of the region allows the identification of the differential of the study area and the activities with the greatest implementation potential for the farm area, considering its physical and environmental characteristics and also the socioeconomic context of the region. The proposed activities aim to develop ecotourism, through recreation, leisure, visits support services and environmental education, as well as promoting the socioeconomic development of local communities.

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