Masterplan for Real-Estate and Touristic development


Vision of the future for private land

Located in the principal district of Campos de Jordão, State of São Paulo, the area of the Companhia de Melhoramentos Capivari covers 360 hectares and is situated at a higher altitude than the urban center.

Campos de Jordão is located in Serra da Mantiqueria, near the three most important tourist centers of Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte), and is a consolidated tourist destination, having been the tenth most sought-after city by tourists in June and July of 2019 according to the Ministry of Tourism.

The objective of this project is to propose the development of real-estate and tourism in the area, united with environmental conservation and preservation of native vegetation.

The project included the realization of a site diagnostic, vision for the future, preliminary masterplan, pilot project and road show for the structuring of partnerships. In the diagnostic step, analysis ranged from the scale of the municipality of Campos de Jordão, to identify its profile as a tourist destination, down to the scale of the site, identifying the physical, environmental, urban and legal limitations.

legend: 1) vegetation; 2) hydrography; 3) hypsometry; 4) slope

The propositional strategic diagnosis promoted the analysis of relevant norms and laws, the geographic and environmental characteristics of the territory and its insertion in an urban context. From the analysis, the principal challenges and potentials were identified for real-estate and touristic development within the area of study, which provided a base for the subsequent steps.

The identification of the principal challenges, demands, aspirations and opportunities evolved towards the construction of a vision for the future and the direction of implementation strategies.

The vision for the future encompassed the main pillars of use: land parceling and ecotourism, associated to the circuit of tourist attractions already consolidated in Campos de Jordão.

Despite being near the urban center of Campos de Jordão, the area contains water courses and native forest, natural elements that will be preserved by the proposed land parceling, creating and environment integrated with nature.

The development of ecotourism seeks to reinforce the municipality as a tourist destination, offering new opportunities for leisure.

legend: 1) real-estate development; 2) proposed: touristic equipment; 3) existing equipment: equestrian; 4) amplification of land parceling

The preliminary masterplan presented the distribution of proposed uses, going more in depth in given area for pilot project, with a focus on tourism. Structures and services were proposed in the pilot project, that are necessary for its functioning, considering the proposed activities.

A prospection of possible partners was carried out with the client, with meetings held to present the project, which led to the signing of a contract for implementation.