Masterplan Water Park


A water park in Rio de Janeiro

The project was developed as a proposal to revitalize the Rio Water Planet water park, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The need for renovation and improvements in the park’s infrastructure, combined with a proposal for greater connection and contemplation of nature resulted in the development of a masterplan aimed at a diverse public profile, offering adventure attractions and equipment related to the water park, an environment beach, in addition to services and pools for moments of leisure and relaxation.

Located in Vargem Grande, in Rio de Janeiro, the park was created in 1998, with a total area of 400 thousandm2, located at the foot of Pedra Branca.

Based on the diagnosis and analysis of existing buildings and infrastructure, the proposal was developed seeking to concentrate uses and support structures at the edges, to order the territory to facilitate the identification of different uses, improving its distribution throughout the park.

The project values the natural surroundings of the land and the local culture, with a theme permeated by a natural environment and contemporary architecture that dialogues with the traditional architecture of the city.

Interventions were grouped between high and low ground. The lower part concentrates the access to the park, where renovation is planned to better welcome the visitor, with restructuring of the parking area and the embarkation and disembarkation area, and implementation of services such as luggage storage, reception, and food. The creation of a beach area with sand proposes the integration of the wave pool and the replacement of floors, flooring and landscaping to form a more natural space with bar services and bungalow areas.

The children’s area is also concentrated in the lower part, with changes in the play equipment aiming at greater safety and diversification of the attractions. In the upper part, several equipment of the water park is concentrated. We propose renovations in the existing structures and proposals for new attractions.