Organization of the Protected Areas of Cabo Verde


Organization and Public Use plans of 14 Protected Areas

These studies were carried out within the scope of the “Integration of biodiversity conservation in the tourism section in synergy with the reinforcement of the protected areas system in Cabo Verde” project (BIO-TUR). They were carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA), through the National Directorate for the Environment (DNA), in close collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Transport (MTT), and co-financed by the Government of Cape Verde, UNDP and GEF.

legend: Socio-economic context of Cabo Verde.
legend: Protected áreas of Cabo Verde.

One of the main objectives of the project is to safeguard the biodiversity in Cabo Verde in the face of actual and emerging threats by improving the regulatory frameworks in the tourist sector and activating a critical subset to the National system of Protected Areas.

In this scenario, 46 Conservation units were identified and created on the different islands of Capo Verde, with the BIO-TUR project focusing on the islands of Santiago, Boa Vista, Sal and Maio. Part of the study is formed of 14 areas of great environmental, ecosystem, landscape and ecotourism value.

• Serra do Pico d’Antónia Natural Park (2.947,6 ha – Santiago);

• Morro de Areia Natural Reserve (2.567 ha – Boa Vista);

• Ilhéu de Sal-Rei Natural Movement (89 ha – Boa Vista);

• Boa Esperança Natural Reserve (4.010 ha – Boa Vista);

• Ponta do Sol Natural Reserve (748 ha – Boa Vista);

• Baia da Murdeira Natural Reserve (6.107 ha – Sal);

• Natural Rabo de Junco Natural Reserve (154 ha – Sal);

• Group of Protected Areas of Maio (7 protected areas with 35.939,50 ha – Maio).

legend: Protected Areas of Isla de Santiago.
legend: Santiago Island.
legend: Natural Reserves of Rabo de Junco y Baía da Murdeira on the Isla de Sal, Cabo Verde.
legend: Isla de Sal, Cabo Verde.
legend: Isla de Sal, Cabo Verde.
legend: Isla de Maio, Cabo Verde.
legend: Protected Landscape Area of Monte Penoso and Monte Branco in Isla de Maio, Cabo Verde.
legend: Isla de Boa Vista, Cabo Verde and the limits of the Natural Monument Islote Sal-Rei.
legend: Isla de Boa Vista.

For each of the 14 areas, Planning and Management Plans (POG) and Ecotourism and Business Plans (PEN) were developed, with the aim to improve territorial organization and management of the protected areas, consolidate tourism as a conservation tool and promote local socio-economic development.