Patio House


Living outside of urban centers

The Covid-19 pandemic made us re-think the processes and experiences we value in our daily life, equally as citizens, architects and urbanists. With the intention of thinking in spaces and residences integrated with the natural surroundings, Natureza Urbana has developed residential projects that permit new interactions between living and nature.

The House P Project was designed around a central patio, with a green area and a pool integrated into the landscape. The common areas are on the ground floor. These areas connect with the garden while the private spaces are located on the upper level, with a view to the lake.

legenda: 1) ground floor; 2) upper level; 3) implementation

The architectural design took human comfort into account by analyzing solar incidence and ventilation throughout the house. The design also avoided leaving a visual impact on the landscape by limiting the height to 7 meters.

The Project fits the house to the property’s terrain, connecting the roof garden to the highest levels. The ground floor opens out to the garden through large glass windows, promoting contact with nature.