Requalification of the Pajuçara Waterfront


Local identity and contemporary language

The project aims to improve the initial stretch of the boardwalk, along Avenida Dr. Antônio Gouveia.  This effort stemmed from an initiative from the company Colil Construções, who are responsible for the New Time development. The intention is that the project serves as a catalyst for the restructuring of the whole waterfront, with a focus on local population and tourists from Maceió.

Located in Maceió, Alagoas, the Pajuçara waterfront belongs to one of the most frequented urban beaches of the city, with natural pools and ferry routes. Along the waterfront it is possible to enjoy a variety of sports, leisure, and services.

Project was structured in three steps: preliminary study, basic project and executive project.

In the preliminary study stage, a diagnostic of the project area was carried out, identifying the existing surrounding uses and the urban context in which it is inserted. Then a vision of the future was proposed, presenting concepts for interventions and uses, as well as a study of similar cases, which served as inspiration for the project.

The basic and executive projects provided comprehensive technical solutions, consolidating the urban design of the requalification of the public space on the waterfront. Architecture, urbanism and landscaping projects were developed.

The projects premise was the use of local references adapted to a contemporary language in addition to the integration of sustainable solutions and the creation of a unique and striking identity for the waterfront.

legend: 1) buildings; 2) floor; 3) furniture; 4) vegetation

The chromatic palette reflects the diversity of the colors and elements belonging to the area. They refer to natural elements and rustic constructions along the beach, inserting the project into the landscape of the Maceió boardwalk.

O projeto tem como fio condutor uma “fita”, elemento lúdico que oferece diferentes experiências e usos para os visitantes, como espaços de contemplação, brinquedos infantis, mesas e espaços pra a prática de exercício.

legend: 1) pet zone; 2) deck; 3) playground; 4) supporting equipment for nautical activities; 5) deck; 6) playground; 7) food area; 8) deck; 9) outdoor gym; 10) sport; 11) municipal guard.

Proposed areas include rest and leisure spaces, nautical activities, food kiosks, spaces for physical activity, playgrounds, and pet zones.

The kiosks have modular roofs constructed of metal, wood and piassava fiber, which reflect the contemporary character while utilizing regional references.