Residential Vila in the Lagoa


Reconnecting the home with the environment

The project seeks to integrate the villa to the natural topography of the site, spreading the structures over two levels, connected though an intermediate level, and freeing the view to the natural landscape from all spaces.

This Project is for a residential villa located next to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, one of the main attractions of the City of Rio de Janeiro. The site has a significantly steep terrain and is placed in an elevated hillside in relation to the lagune, resulting in beautiful views to the natural landscape.

The unevenness of the terrain required a creative solution to access the condominium from street level, where the building’s garages are also located. This led to the proposal of a lift for common use by all residents.

Three living units, measuring approximately 120m² each are proposed. These are to be developed at the different levels seeking the best integration to site and minimal impact on the native vegetation, reducing the need for removals.

On the middle level is located the common area, with a living and dining space, kitchen and terrace with the private areas, the bedrooms, spread on the other two levels.

This way the program is distributed on three distinct levels, with the common areas at the arrival level and the private areas on the upper and lower levels of each unit, providing a greater privacy to the spaces and a unique lookout for each home.

legend: 1) living and dining room; 2) bedrooms