Furniture and accessory line for small spaces

The accessory line, O Altar, developed for Tok&Stok proposes enriching important moments for the people who enjoy elements of nature in their day-to-day life. Natura Urbana, who is responsible for the O Altar cabin design, additionally designed this accessory line for the home. Altar is lodging and experience company that provides their clients with nature immersed stays in incredible Brazilian locations where they can disconnect from routine and reconnect with what’s most important: themselves.

The idea of this project was to capture a few sensations that only natural surroundings can provide for individuals to be able to enjoy them in their own personal refuges. In addition to complementing the experience of the guests of O Altar that will use the collection in their cabins, these items are imagined for small spaces that, even in an urban context, value and are intimate sanctuaries of nature.

Through sensory feelings, the line seeks to capture the feeling of stepping on earth, breathing fresh air in the morning, enjoying a coffee and the peace from contemplating an extensive mountainous landscape. From this, three illustrations were developed to be applied to plates, frames, pillows and placemats, elements of daily use, but can also be re-imagined into creative compositions to transform spaces and form an elegant and welcoming environment.

Beyond the illustrations, three aroma therapy items were developed for the line. They are the diffuser, incense, and a potpourri, all composed of an extract of oak, moss and eucalyptus, aromas that bring a freshness to the environment. The table lamp with a pine base provides an indirect low light for a relaxing, light and welcoming environment.